BERLIN – It’s done. The results, as reported by The Economist: 51.9 LEAVE, 48.1 REMAIN What a historical moment for democracy: Britain was the first nation to vote in a referendum on EU membership [unthinkable…

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Euro Tao - Pattberg - Taoist Kitsch

The Euro-Tao: Taoist Kitsch

Quite a few layman Taoist organizations have formed in Europe. Examples are the ‘Taoist Tai Chi Gesellschaft Deutschland e.V.‘ in Germany, the ‘British Daoist Association‘, or the ‘Daoist Association of France’, the ‘Chiesa Taoista d’Italia’,…

Euro Tao - Pattberg - Yin Yang Proto-Science

Yin Yang Proto-Science

Needless to say, just like any market place of ideas, competitors will vie for influence. It’s their ulterior motive. Only the strong survive, not the best ideas, not the truth, and certainly not those movements…

Euro Tao - Pattberg - Tao of Everything TM


Stepping out of the highly elitist and inflexible world of professional sinology, observers will find a Taoist world that looks much more vibrant and diverse, but also increasingly deregulated and unpredictable. We are talking, of…

Obama 70 Vehicles Motorcade

Obama’s 70 Vehicles Convoy

HANNOVER (GERMANY) – Shout-out to Rockland Radio. They posted this April 2016 video, ‘Obamas Fahrt zur Hannover Messe’ (Obama drives to Hannover Fair), complete with vehicle counter, Haha! To be fair… there’s no subway, and…

Imperialism and Race - School Begins

On Racism and Empire

Hannah Arendt once wrote: “Imperialism would have necessitated the invention of racism as the only possible ‘explanation’ and excuse for its deeds, even if no race-thinking had ever existed in the civilized world.” But how…

The Propagandist

The Economist: No Massacre in Tiananmen Square?

LONDON – Evidences are mounting that China’s infamous 1989 “Tiananmen Massacre” -as our capital press (and, subsequently, our history books) call it- was a Western propaganda hoax to promote quick regime change China. Telegraph: “Wikileaks:…

East-West-Dichotomy is back again

We’re back!

Hi there, Our sincere apologies for the unintentional break. We had some troubles with the domain renewal process 2016. The website was down for approximately 48 hours –from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th. Finally, we’re…

10000 monthy readers at East West Dichotomy

Over 10,000 monthly readers! THANK YOU!

An unexpected rise in popularity that is both humbling and windows-smashing: The East-West Dichotomy website now has over 10,000 unique monthly readers, numbers rising! It was unexpected because,… let’s be realistic about the internet: most…

pei minxin

Propaganda: New York Times Promotes Academic Quacks Who Preach China Doom

BEIJING – When press soldier Michael Forsythe parades another academic quack for the New York Times‘ ‘Q. and A.’ on the future demise of the Communist Party of China, the “China experts” are all tuned in….

Image source: RAMBO IV

The Violent Cult of America, and Why Asians Should Quit

“Trust only him who doubts.” –Lu Xun WASHINGTON – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Asians, not just in America, emancipated and stopped being second-class earthlings? What’s the image of Asians – and we are talking mainly about…

Liu Xiaobo Plaza ok

On Chinese Terms: Nothing wrong with ‘Liu Xiaobo Plaza’ – Anything you say, U.S.A.!

WASHINGTON – Naming anything after its Chinese originator is a perfectly good thing in and for itself. Instead of zooming on petty politics, let us look at the greater picture in world history: Ted Cruz and…

Ai Weiwei pissing some more on Denmark

Ai Weiwei is a Big Bad Bully

“It’s unreasonable to punish an entire country and its people for the politics of its government.” –Erlend G. Hoyersten, director KOPENHAGEN – Ai Weiwei is at it again.[i] Punishing Denmark because he disagrees with the…