Press Soldiers

Trump is President. New York Times Humiliated

November 9, 2016 0

NEW YORK (The East-West Writer)—The world has witnessed the US media mafia (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, AP, Reuters,…) turning against the American people to get their own corrupt candidate, Hillary Clinton, voted into highest […]


Taoism in the pool (feat. the Power of Honghuang)

August 11, 2016 0

WHAT have ancient Taoism and the internet got to do with women’s 100-meter backstroke swimming final at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games? Everything! “Really, was I that fast?” said Fu Yuanhui about her seemingly effortless performance in the pool. […]

The Euro-Tao: Taoist Kitsch

May 31, 2016 0

Quite a few layman Taoist organizations have formed in Europe. Examples are the ‘Taoist Tai Chi Gesellschaft Deutschland e.V.‘ in Germany, the ‘British Daoist Association‘, or the ‘Daoist Association of France’, the ‘Chiesa Taoista d’Italia’, […]

Yin Yang Proto-Science

May 22, 2016 0

Needless to say, just like any market place of ideas, competitors will vie for influence. It’s their ulterior motive. Only the strong survive, not the best ideas, not the truth, and certainly not those movements […]