“Nazi” now biggest German brand and trademark

September 29, 2017

Call ’em all “Nazis” Ah, those funny dictatorships: When Dear Supreme Leader Merkel ordered the “Hitler Press” —Die ZEIT, Der SPIEGEL, ARD, ZDF— to defame her political enemies as “Nazis,” they happily obliged. See, in […]

German regime obsessed with Nazi-sluts

September 28, 2017

TV propagandist gets sexist and abusive with Alice Weidel The work of a regime propagandist is hotzi potzi. You gets a list of dangerous dissidents and political enemies you’re supposed to smear, slander and defame. […]

Germans unfit for democracy, unteachable perhaps

September 27, 2017

Germany is unable to free itself from shackles of socialism, censorship, and political oppression Dear “Mother” Merkel ruined German culture, brought violence and terrorism and genocide, and sold her nation’s rest-sovereignty to the totalitarian EU. […]

East-West Dichotomy ranks on Google again

September 27, 2017

After a great start from 2009 to 2012, Google, the search engine monopoly, decided to de-list the East-West-Dichotomy.com in 2013, resulting in heavy traffic losses. The site was properly indexed, its site-map html properly submitted to […]

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