ABC farts into America’s face: Clinton lost because “foreign intelligence services weaponize social media”

ABC, the all-about-crap news network, pulled the best propaganda feat this week by running Top Democrat Eric Swalwell and his “House Intelligence Committee” all over Putin’s Twitter and Facebook.

The most irresponsible, insane pseudo-journalism on the planet

ABC technically speaking stirs up the racial tensions in the US all by itself by alleging that… wait for it… really it is the Kremlin that stirs up racial tensions in the US by paying gullible African-American rappers $300 USD [read: “co-opt unwitting American activists”] who then write songs describing “policemen are assassins.” Ouch!

The Democrat’s intelligence expert idiot in the ABC piece now wants to make sure that “an organized intelligence service of a foreign country isn’t able to weaponize social media.” Where to start, where to start…

Let us start by thinking: Whose damn intelligence service comes first to mind that universally interferes in all other foreign countries’ affairs?

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ABC news still mentally disabled from brutal Hillary loss, might never fully recover

And who are those “social media” Swalwell is talking about anyway? Ah, that’s right: those social media are all US companies dressed as global public services–call them planetary monopolies if you will–that are frequently weaponized by US interest groups and its allies to stir up trouble in foreign countries, spread disinformation and enemy propaganda, meddle into elections, usurp foreign regimes, and call to arms and revolt [Arab spring, Orange Revolution, etc.].

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Yet, here they are, our propagandists from the ABC lying news–who by the way endorsed and campaigned for Hillary Clinton who’s had the support of ALL social media, Hollywood, the colluded legacy media AND corrupt Washington combined–YET you still blame the loss of crooked Hillary on Russia! Shame on you, ABC!

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