About Germany’s fake Democracy

We’ve recently seen how chancellor Merkel mocks her own people and what nonsense president Steinmeier talked on National Unity Day. Naturally, some foreign observers might think: how could democratic Germany vote such delusional Marxists into power. The answer of course is: The voters can’t vote anybody into power. Both the chancellor and the president of Germany are elected by the Bundestag, not by the people!

“Democracy” is everything the regime does, it’s that simple

Apart from the difficult situation of US colonialism, US post-war German puppet regimes (Obama was campaigning for Merkel–twice!), and de facto Germany’s lost sovereignty, there is more to learn for newly arrived migrants about the German political system: “President” Frank-Walter Steinmeier in particular and German “democracy” in general.

The Head of State is unelected–he’s appointed

Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s party, the Social Democrats (SPD), have just experienced the greatest election loss in their history since 1948: 20.5%. But such loss doesn’t matter much, because his party takes 20.5% of the seats in the Bundestag still. The Bundestag is the regime. The regime quickly passes the important posts around and to each other. A former Minister for family and education, Ursula von der Leyen, (who has 7 kids of her own) became Minister of defense. A plagiarist and bullshit artist of aristocrat bloodline, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, became Minister of foreign affairs. Annette Schavan, who plagiarized her PhD thesis, became Minister of Education. It is as corrupt as it gets. The people–das Volk— have no say and no influence on those decisions and all other political processes whatsoever. The Germans are no more “a democracy” [rule of the people] than, say, the Democratic Republic of North Korea or the former Democratic Republic of East Germany, but a “parliamentary democracy”. It means the people vote the party they affiliate with into the Bundestag–after that they have no power whatsoever over party politics, posts and policies.

Elections are staged, the regime candidate always wins

The Germans cannot vote their President. Instead, the ruling clique agrees on a presidential candidate who is then –rubberstamp– confirmed by a meeting called the Federal Assembly. Steinmeier’s original ambition was to dethrone Angela Merkel as next German chancellor. A few CIA interventions here, a few secret meetings there, and for his change of heart, Steinmeier was first rewarded with ‘Minister of Foreign Affairs’ for a second time in his career during 2013 and 2017 (unelected), and in 2017 was rewarded with ‘President of Germany’ (unelected). The German people had no say in any of this.

This is not all that surprising to you, is it? “Democratic Europe” is like this everywhere. Can you vote kings and queens? The pope? Can you vote the CEOs, the bangsters, the chief editors of the lying press, EU leaders? No! You cannot vote those in highest power!

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Foreign observers often stunned by fake German democracy

The ‘President of Germany’ is the true head of state of Germany, but has little power politically because in history all political power was transferred to the busy chancellery–which for the last 12 years (and next 4) is Supreme Leader Angela Merkel. Now, since the globalist media hails Merkel as saint and leader of the Western world, Americans are often stunned to hear that the chancellor isn’t actually elected by the people either! The regime made makes it look that way: “Merkel re-elected!” The truth is: The chancellor is “elected” by the Bundestag, not by the people.

Most Americans assume that the Germans can vote the German chancellor and the German president. They can’t. Both are “elected” by the Bundestag. In a parliamentary democracy, as it is called, there is no direct election of top leaders, only their parties.