#ADayWithoutAWoman #HerVoiceIsMyVoice

Twitter and Youtube: Away from Web Neutrality and into the Steering and Indoctrination of the Masses

#ADayWithoutAWoman called for a women’s day off. To do what? Changing diapers? Playing with the kids? [Fat chance!] Thinking about your hard working male colleagues? No, no, it was this: “To celebrate the women who inspire us every day.” Could you PLEASE also stay away for the rest of the week!

This clamorous march for female entitlement and the often belligerent [aggressive] anti-male rhetoric is reckless and antisocial. It is also blatant chauvinism. You are entitled to nothing.

Showcasing misandrous, infantilizing ‘self-victimhood’

Twitter and Youtube (Google) cannot be trusted any more. What is really trending, they do not show you. What they absolutely want to show you, they make trending.

#HerVoiceIsMyVoice – Youtube decided to showcase the most insane, sexist, ideological driven propaganda video I’ve seen in a long long time, in spotlight. Right into everyone’s face! Youtube’s logo even turned into that hashtag for a day! Are we Animal farm here or what? Tell us more about the revolution!


NO, Youtube! Her Voice is NOT MY VOICE! I have my own voice, thank you. The feminists paraded in that awful piece of man-bashing self-victimization should NOT speak for other women. Speak only for yourself! And get the fuck off my video feed!

Youtube, stop trying to force ideology off on your users!

Image source: A Day without a woman, USA Daily