America is suing German companies (and we can’t retaliate)

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[…] Needless to say, it’s incredible profitable to sue the Europeans for compensations, as happened in the past with BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse UBS, and so on. Volkswagen’s problem isn’t really the “air pollution.” The problem is patriotic Americans who feel offended, and their health compromised, by this German company that has so much cash flow – it builds multistoried cheese dome exhibition halls for its car park. Naturally, they [the people of America] now want to shed some Volkswagen blood and tear out the best meat. That, and German companies (and individuals) in US courts are known as settlers and push-overs –weak and pathetic.

Some activists have accused the US authorities of a practice known as racial profiling. Ethnic minorities or non-Americans are single-out and easily criminalized. The list is so long, it would make you very sad. Prominent examples are the extermination of the indigenous American tribes; the massive dispossessions and confiscation of German immigrants in the 19th, and Japanese and German immigrants in the 20th century; the expropriation of nationals whose country of origin the US is at war with; the de-legitimization of the early Chinese settlers, and now Muslims; and so on. In fact any gratuitous accusation or free association of spying and sabotage in the US may lead to massive discrimination against any country, for example when freezing accounts of Russian, Iranian, or Iraqi businesses, or when Washington sanctions –directly or indirectly- millions of Asians, home and abroad, if it doesn’t approve of their governments. And we haven’t even mentioned the US’s enduring criminalization of blacks and Mexicans.

“American investigators, lawyers, and the media will continue to preferably go after ‘foreigners’, because first it is lucrative; second it is patriotic; and third Non-Americans are easy prey.”

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American investigators, lawyers, and the media will continue to preferably go after ‘foreigners’, because first it is lucrative; second it is patriotic; and third Non-Americans are easy prey. American laws are often impenetrable to outsiders. And even if the case falls flat, the foreigners still have to pay, often millions of dollars, in fees to US-based lawyers –either way the US side always wins.

“The US legal system has little to do with justice in a European sense.”

Note that the Europeans saw it coming: Already in 1967, long before the information age, the Frenchman J. J. Servan-Schreiber wrote ‘Le defi americain” in which he warned Europe of total US dominance in all financial, industrial, and technological spheres. In 1990, the German political adviser Konrad Seitz published a book with the doomy subtitled: “Germany’s high-technology industries battle for survival”. He was right. And it got worse. By 2004, every German manager knew that the US takes on the liberty to rule and police all humankind, and that it can (and will) arbitrary sue any German company that is “doing business” in the US, even for wrongdoing not related to the US. On the other hand, if a “non-American wants to sue a US company, the authorities will simply declare non-jurisdiction.” The US legal system has little to do with justice in a European sense. Lawyers are paid by the hours, often $500 and upwards. Companies are arbitrary attacked with an early settlement in mind. Emotions are everything. News coverage often prevents impartiality of the juries. Damages are estimated. Compensations are out of touch with reality. Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bank, DaimlerChrysler all are frequently tried, and cashed up. Class actions are popular. Bayer was sued by not less than 11,000 individuals, according to Manager Magazine.

As the German cabaret artist Volker Pispers once put it: “The American is the orchid among the humans. We Europeans are maybe daisies. But the remainder is just weeds you can stuff in your pipe. Try to spill hot coffee on an American’s trousers. You will have to deal with a lawsuit that you won’t be able to enjoy your life any longer. Even the children will continue suing you because they had to grow up with a dad who was traumatized.”

America is now the ‘world court’, and no one else is. The Europeans have to travel to America to know right, and to get right –if at all. It’s heartbreaking to watch this ultimate prostration of corporate Europe. Perhaps a strong man, one who wasn’t indoctrinated by all this madness, would rather side with China, Russia, India, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, and against overbearing and imperious America. This, of course, is considered a treacherous body of thought.

In 2015, Christian Harbulot, a French Expert on Economic Warfare, declared the US a “war machine”. This war machine uses all means necessary, not just its superpower entitlement but increasingly its secret services, in order to disrupt or destroy its European competitors. Until the European jointly fight this scrupulous adversary, the US treat us as vassals: “Our governments need to work together to try to break away from dependence on the US. We must become strategically autonomous. But neither Merkel nor Hollande have the courage.”

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We now come to the end of this rather long piece of work. If Volkswagen drops its pants immediately, accepts the political and medial gang-rape [it’s a metaphor], and then apologizes to the American people for causing so much trouble, it might recover faster than we think, because ‘scandal is the mother of marketing.’ Americans, after all, are very forgiving to those who pay their due and ask for a second chance. Nothing will change in Germany. Billions of Euros will flow from Europe to America as compensation.

Everyone is reminded of their place is the world: Americans will praise Germany as an important ally. German corporations, politicians, and journalists will feel ever greater pressure to comply with whatever is in the US interest. The Europeans will have to accept their lesser role in the greater scheme of things. And perhaps despair at their vulnerability and learned helplessness.


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Thor Tukoll is a pen name of Thorsten J. Pattberg, a German writer and cultural critic. He is the author of The East-West Dichotomy,  Shengren, and Inside Peking University.

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