Trump is President. New York Times Humiliated

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NEW YORK (The East-West Writer)—The world has witnessed the US media mafia (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, AP, Reuters,…) turning against the American people to get their own corrupt candidate, Hillary Clinton, voted into highest office.

Instead of informing the people, those arrogant media who do not even hide their contempt for the people anymore told the people whom to vote for: to vote Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt politician that ever walked this planet, and a war criminal too.

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Those media cronies have abused their “press freedom” to enslave you with their agitprop, lies, deception, and humiliation, in favor of political support. [They will do it again.] Right until the last minute before the election results, those corrupt media shoveled in your face manufactured opinion polls that were designed to encourage you not to vote for an already loser, Donald Trump. Yet, Donald Trump won this election in a landslide. It was the people’s man versus the (almost) entire US establishment.

Those corrupt media were not wrong in their election prediction, their deliberate assault on America failed! Now, America has to line them up or else they will do it again.

If the corrupt media, its owners, representatives, and its press soldiers [who stir up war and violence in foreign countries], do not get punished for their treachery and vile propaganda, than America is doomed. What will the corrupt media do next, tell you to go to war with Russia, Iran, China? It certainly is in their interest -selling misery.

The American people were able to see through the media propaganda, because they witness that reality is kicked down the road side every day by those agenda-driven, hopelessly crooked news corporations. It’s a concert of mass deception. This vote was not just to vote out crooked Hillary Clinton, it was also a vote to vote out the US media mafia.

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Corruption in America is far higher than corruption in China. Just the US media aren’t reporting US corruption. They report corruption in China. Not America. That’s because the US media are part of that US corruption problem. Hillary Clinton is corrupt beyond belief. Yet the corrupt US media refused to take her down, because they are sitting in the same boat with her. The corrupt media are enablers of that culture of corruption that destroys America.

The corrupt media will engage in crimes just like all criminals do if they don’t have to fear the law. At this point, the media in America is complete lawless. The corrupt media, holier than the Church before the French Revolution, have total “press freedom.” That press freedom is shallow newspeak (Orwell) for “complete lawlessness.” To make America great again, Mr. Trump must crack down hard on the media mafia.

by the East-West Writer

Image source: New York Times headquarter, #draintheswamp