America’s media are unfit for America, you don’t deserve this!

WASHINGTON – In a desperate, Orwellian attempt to safeguard the old political elites, ALL of the US major newspapers colluded last week with iron Hillary Clinton against the hapless champion of the (slight) majority of the American people, Donald Trump.

Fairness, neutrality, and journalistic integrity have been kicked down the road side. Worse, those media owners and editors have clearly coerced tens of thousands of their own employers who were Trump supporters. It’s a highly coordinated media inquisition against those American people who believed the government and the media are absolute in cahoots, which now they know for sure they are.

DO NOT TRUST the media establishment, ever. This is the lesson from this. The US media in particular have long departed from news reporting, instead they fabricate the news for you, tell you what to think, when to go to war, and whom to vote. You don’t deserve this.

Image source: G. Orwell’s ‘1984’; “O’Brien” (David Whitney) tortures Winston Smith (Bryan Probets); The harsh price you pay for bucking the system. Picture: TARA GOONAN