Ax attacker in Düsseldorf is Fatmir from the Balkans, not a Terrorist

Suspect “not a terrorist,” just mentally unstable man from the Balkans with an ax

Last Thursday evening there has been an ax rampage in Düsseldorf train station. A 36-year-old man tried to slay random passersby, 9 were injured, 1 severely. On the next day Friday afternoon, the regime press proudly announced that: Fatmir H. from former Yugoslavia is NOT a terrorist.

It is obvious: He is NOT into terror

There was an ax attack by an Afghan refugee on a moving train last year in Würzburg, which the regime media tried to trivialize. But not this one. The situation is clear.

“In the past, there have been ax attacks of mentally confused offenders in Germany.”SPIEGEL

Stop thinking about terrorism! It is “Not terrorism”

Our ax man was just in a “psychological exceptional situation,” a Düsseldorf police spokesperson explained. He was very suicidal and “hoped to be shot dead by police offers,” but then decided to run away and as fast as he could. He even fell off a small bridge and suffered “several bone fractures.” Anyway, he is now safe and in hospital.

The regime press is very open and honest on this: “From the outset, it was only just an ax killing spree, NOT a terrorist attack: “There is no evidence of an extremist or Islamist motive,” the press confirms.

Now let the investigation begin…

Image source: SPIEGEL, cross processed

One of the ax attack survivor in hospital. He was “hit in the back of his head. Long operation.” Mother also says: “The media is playing it down. Sad and incomprehensible.” -via Twitter