Top German regime media columnist posts his selfie warns the world not to prematurely judge Pewdiepie engages 37 people on Twitter

BERLIN – Imagine the blow to Jochen Bittner’s ego, top columnist at Germany’s No. 1  propaganda racket Die Zeit , when he learned that “Pewdiepie” has over 53 million followers and 14 billion views, two times our earth has population. “I confess I had never heard of Pewdiepie before yesterday,” the top German influencer wrote. Anyway, Mr. Bittner absolves Pewdiepie of “antisemitism.”

German regime media struggle as more and more citizens believe that the nation’s highly corrupt journalists have completely lost touch with reality. Mr. Bittner, NOT. He sends his opinion and selfie to Pewdiepie: Engagement so far: 37*

*In Mr. Bittner’s defence, Die Zeit forges its Twitter followers to artificially increase its non-existent popularity. 62% of its Twitter followers are fake.