The British Guardian, “Joshua” Wong, and the Jewish Conspiracy

LONDON – It all seemed so easy and convenient. The USA and Britain had always dispatched bands of press soldiers to Hong Kong. Those press soldiers were scandalizing China and constantly on the look-out for potential Chinese dissidents, heroes, and saviors useful to the Western cause. The British Guardian would echo whatever dissident those press soldiers recommended for global media attention, no question asked. Call it unnatural selection.

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But, starting in 2014, it got kind of… dangerously divine. Several key US press soldiers (and the CIA, presumably) promoted a certain “Joshua” Wong of Hong Kong, a devout Christian and student activist, who’s namesake is Joshua of the Book of Exodus. He was to be manufactured as China’s most powerful leader (yes, the media can do that). In the Book of Exodus, the biblical Joshua was an Israeli spy. He became the leader of the Jewish tribes, out of Egypt and into the Holy Land. Take Hong Kong for Egypt and America for the Holy Land, and you get the powerful prophecy. Why not threatening the sages in Beijing with a Jewish ultimatum? So, “Joshua” was to personify that ultimatum, and the revengeful Western media were to unleash the ‘Ten plagues’ onto Beijing, if it refused let go Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong “Joshua” is 19 years old. Almost over night he was recreated into a pro-Western saint (as the West so often does), and now goes around bullying governments in the East, last Thailand. Whether he runs into local authorities or not, he is hailed by Western media mafia as the solution to things. Hopefully, they scheme, he will bring about the separation of Hong Kong from mainland China, or at least will drive Christianity and thus Westernization.

This biblical obsession with “Joshua” Wong and the coming exodus in China may backfire for Britain’s propaganda media, the Guardian, because it is not in the interest of the British press soldiers, nor London, to incite Chinese antisemitism. Or, at least, that’s what we hope it isn’t. There was a lot of conspiracy theory out there about the Jewish and Western media that Chinese people tended to believe. Now they know it’s true…