CNN’s Anti-Chinese Propaganda Explained

February 10, 2016

BEIJING – CNN propaganda trash-talks CCTV’s Chinese New Year TV party? Widely known fact: CNN’s own propaganda is far more malignant and confrontational. And CNN is not ashamed of it at all. So, without further […]

The Greatest Propaganda Show on Earth

February 1, 2016

COPENHAGEN – Western media, our press agencies and legions of press soldiers, have evolved into a global syndicate: corrupt, cooptated, and beyond redemption. Normally, we don’t care because Islam, Russia, and China are targeted. But […]

La terreur médiatique de l’Occident en Chine

December 3, 2015

Le voilà! Ces soi-disant ‘China Experts’ ont toléré et spirituellement soutenu le terrorisme en Chine depuis des décennies. La devise semble être: des terroristes contre nos ennemis sont nos amis et alliés. Dr Pattberg appelle […]

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