How to help children cope with grief after the Manchester attack

So, you child is a survivor of a terrorist attack in Manchester or elsewhere in Britain. It has lost a brother, a sister, a best friend, or a classmate in that massacre. Here is what to say to him:

Dear Son,

Our country, Great Britain, will hunt down the killers, and the associates of the killers, and the master-brains who allowed the killers into our country, and lock them away in prisons with no parole and throw away the keys. Our government will wipe out the killer ideology that makes its members want to kill Christians, white people, and English people with no pardon given. Then, the death of your brother, sister, best friend, or classmate will not have been in vain and we can heal as a people and nation.


Son, know this too: There is that possibility that our country won’t do a thing and instead tell us to check some internet advise on how to cope with grief. And it could also be the case that our government is actually in bed with this killer ideology and that we are Nazis by way of just having this conversation. In that case, Son, quickly forget everything I just said. Too much negativity. Find new friends who are actually alive. That’s what I would do.

Your Loving Father