Apples, Bananas… Everything CNN reports on turns into Crap News!

CNN Some people tell you it's crap but it is not

Now the Russians are mocking CNN’s ‘bananas are apples’ spot

What CNN, the clown news networks, thinks of its viewers is no mystery: You are toddlers that need to be told apples from bananas.

CNN even made a video ad for you: Apples and Bananas. The hashtag: #factsfirst

It’s glorious. Don’t let anybody tell you it’s bananas!

Donald Trump Crowd Shouts “CNN SUCKS”

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CNN is crap news

Ugh… it’s gotten so bad that even the dogs in this nation bark at CNN. Everything CNN reports on turns into crap news.


It has become a national sport to collect and archive CNN’s outrageous lies, shameless gossip, and vicious enemy propaganda. Our website features a growing collection of CNN crap news, too: CHECK THEM OUT!

CNN is long banned in China for national security reasons. In Germany, it’s considered news pornography. Worldwide, it’s seen as “the Golden Standard”… for bad journalism.

Even RT, the Russians, are mocking CNN for that ‘Apples and Bananas’ ad, and it feels good! See below:

RT rips apart CNN’s infantilizing ‘bananas ain’t apples’ spot