CNN caught staging a Muslim protest after terrorist attack to feign solidarity

Mike Cernovich broke this story and the alternative media quickly picked it up: CNN caught staging a protest to feign Muslim solidarity.

“My God, Can you imagine what they got away with before social media?” —Mike Cernovich

The footage (captured by a concerned citizen) shows how a CNN crew is deliberately staging a Muslim protest to fit CNN’s narrative that Islam was a religion of peace. This is clearly manipulating the news. Muslim females and kids were given love and peace posters. In the video, you can hear bystanders giggling because the whole fake scene is… bizarre and totally surreal! But watch it for yourself.

“Of course these are blatant violations of journalistic ethics, but since CNN and ABC News are not really journalists, they just don’t care.” —Mark Dice

CNN caught staging a Muslim Protest -by Mark Dice

This is brutal mass media propaganda, and CNN is the worst humanity has on offer. CNN has been caught faking polls, spreading fake news, and supporting terrorism, locally (Antifa, the radical Left) and abroad (ISIS, radical Islam). They do everything for their degenerated cult of journalism.

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CNN and other leftist lunatic ‘fake news media’ are pulling out and parading their ‘token Muslims’ to the world: cheerful Muslims, hard-working Muslims, concerned Muslims, news Muslims. It is like a fashion agency doing photo-shoots. This is not news. It is crass manipulation!

“Journalists are not supposed to be involved in what is called stage-managing to manipulate scenes that are then presented as news.” —Mark Dice