CNN bloviats: Russia is using Pokémon GO to subvert the United States

Anti-Russian propaganda: CNN pulls a Pikachu

That Crap News Network CNN is at it again with its latest conspiracy theory about how Putin and Russia are subverting the country. This time, our expert journalists are dreaming up Putin trolls who allegedly fire up racial tensions in America by shoehorning racism into the different colors and suggestive names of Japanese animation characters in the mobile game Pokémon GO.

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With a little bit of imagination: Perhaps it is CNN itself that is constantly stirring up hatred and discontent in this country? And perhaps it is CNN that should be stripped off certain privileges that it enjoyed in the post-war area but has now lasted out. Maybe banning divisive, hateful CNN from hotel rooms around the family-friendly world would be a good start.

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It is shameful to see CNN go down like this: from flagship Imperial broadcaster to gossip press to fake news media… and now, frankly: CRAP

Mark Dice has the story:

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