#CNNLeaks or How could this unelected, corrupt, lawless tumor dress as global public service?

CNN at this point is news cancer and make-belief, taking over the body and mind of our species. The question is, are we still strong enough to fight back? The ongoing revolution against the tyranny of the ‘legacy media’ suggests we are:

The abolishment of the colluded, corrupt and abusive ‘legacy media’ is no less urgent and necessary today for the liberation and the prosperity of the human race than were the abolishments of feudalism, slavery, and theocracy.

No press mafia or information syndicate or media cartel or news corporation shall declare themselves freer than the next bleeding man. The mass manipulation of entire populations by the plotting few is cruel and unacceptable. All platforms of news dissemination must be free to all men.

The individual of the future shall be his own media and the only media.

#LegacyPress #CNNLeaks #LyingPress #FakeMedia