Comrades, it is time for self-criticism: German regime press reprimands regime tv

Regime press to Regime tv: You are out of touch with your audiences!

For decades, if you were to state the obvious: that German regime tv ARD and ZDF are corrupt ‘fake news media’, you would have been criminalized as member of some ‘right-wing extremist neo-Nazi club or conspiracy theorist organization, or, worse: some Russian spy or what not.

The regime disseminates its propaganda mainly through the two state broadcasters ARD and ZDF that are funded by… wait for it… tax payers money! That’s right: the people are forced to pay for their own indoctrination. Hahaha! And when occasionally some smart-ass citizen finds his way out of this house full of crap news and, out of principle, refuses to pay the 18 euros monthly fee, he could be facing jail time. You gotta love take fake democracy!

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Regime propaganda: Brainwash for the gullible who also pay the bill

With the rise of US social media such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, however, more Germans are now able to check in on foreign media and–more important–her other people’s opinions. It made them realize beyond doubt just how manipulative regime tv really is. Even some regime journalists jumped that stinking boat and blew the whistle on the lying press.

And would you believe it: about a third of the population have now figured out, too, that German regime TV is largely disinformation, political indoctrination, and enemy propaganda… the worst “journalism” on the planet, bend over one single aim, and this aim only: to guarantee the regime’s survival.

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That said, today, 7th of October 2017, is a special day in German journalism: The regime evidently decided to ‘correct’ its regime TV line by sending in the harsh regime propaganda press -Der SPIEGEL- and wash out some TV rats and reform the shit house. Titles the SPIEGEL:

‘The Dark Force – How ARD and ZDF became political’

German regime press DER SPIEGEL reprimands regime tv ARD and ZDF. Source: SPIEGEL cover Oct 2017.

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Germany rediscovers communist-style self-criticism with a blast!

The article is a complete farce, of course: Communist style self-criticism. A sign of internal power struggle, perhaps. The regime press SPIEGEL reprimands regime tv ARD and ZDF for “not taking their audiences serious” and for “disassociating themselves from their younger viewers,” therefore “losing viewers to alternative media and the internet.” The insanity in this: Der SPIEGEL has never taken its audiences seriously either, EVER! In fact, Der SPIEGEL is the worst crap: belittling its readers; the preferred shit house toilet paper in state-run school dormitories: It has lost far more readership than tv viewers. The entire state propaganda system illegally subsidized by tax payers money is an information cartel and propaganda show, and this kind of staged self-criticism is the oldest trick in the totalitarian state.

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