Confucianism commands New Europe

Pattberg on Europe's path to new humanism
Pattberg: Europe's path to a New Humanism

Article published in China Daily, Dec. 10th 2012

BEIJING – Europe is adopting Confucian virtues and China’s lofty pragmatism to cope with its fragile unity and social harmony. The impact of Chinese students in Europe, the Confucius Institutes in its main cultural centers, and in particular Germany’s economic dependency on China, are all contributing to the rise of “the Chinese way,” so to speak, and a return, to the world stage, of Chinese concepts like shengren (sages), junzi (virtuous men), datong (harmoniousness), zhongyong (the middle way), and so on.

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Pattberg is currently a Research Fellow at The Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies of Peking University.