The Crypt News Network CNN thinks it is “the Media”

The line between cult and media blurs as CNN–the Crap News Network–forbids criticism and jokes because… its the Media! The unelected media! You can’t criticize the unelected media! That’s undemocratic!

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In another installment of this epic meltdown–lies, distortions, exorcism–CNN positioned itself as the ultimate victim of an American conspiracy. You ought not to debunk or expose us because that’s… that’s… that’s just a danger to America. Hahaha. What a joke. The only danger to America is the organized fake news cult and the media mafia–CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Washington Post, The Econ0mist, New York Times, and so on. They are VERY fake news!

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What’s most pathetic about those corrupt journalists is how they play the Nazi card, the Putin card, the Erdogan card on their readership. You, yes YOU stupid viewers out there, you are just like the evil foreign scum if you criticize CNN. Trump supporter scum. If you elected or supported this president of the United States, you are an enemy of… CNN. An attack on CNN is an attack on the media, and attack on the world, an attack on the universe of men.

And every time they feel offended they cry-baby. Their own program is cry-baby. Their news is now cry-baby. Insane! Absolutely and hopelessly retarded.