German Racism in China has Daimler Bear the Brunt

BEIJING (The East-West Writer)—German media mirror this story about a German manager at Daimler in China who lost his cool and shouted at the top of his lungs: “You Chinese are all bastards!” In Beijing! On a Chinese car park!

Now, first of all. Not all Chinese are bastards. Second, this story is flying way-too-high for a car parking battle. The man is a hero for speaking his mind. Apart from this, though: the Chinese outrage over the entitled Western expat culture in Beijing is quite on the mark. It was only a matter of time:

Western Expat Culture

German corporations send ‘expats’ with no superior skills other than being loyal (of course) and white, who don’t know the local culture, don’t speak enough of the local language, but earn five, ten, twenty times more than their local Chinese peers. After a while, understandably, they act like colonial viceroys.

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Rainer Gärtner, a top-manger of Daimler Trucks & Buses China Ltd, allegedly sprayed pepper spray on the Chinese. It’s absolutely hilarious! [All Germans should wear pepper spray in Beijing to protect themselves against Chinese citizens.]

Not impressed by China’s hospitality: ‘You Chinese bastards’ – Daimler Man, Image Source: iqingdao

Daimler claims that “such behavior is bad for Germany’s image.” Let us be honest: It is not. Germany thrives on it. In fact, the opposite is true: For the Germans, a truly bad image would be to like and sympathize with the Chinese. That get’s you blacklisted immediately. It’s because China is considered the political, economic, and ideological enemy of the West. Full stop.

German Superiority Complex

Anti-Chinese sentiments are very common in Germany. In Britain and America, there’s a huge discussion about anti-Chinese racism. Not in Germany. Becoming Chinese is a thought crime. Chinese terms are prohibited. Our pundits demonize China. Our politicians lecture China on superior Western values, rule of laws, and human rights. Our press soldiers conspire and destabilize the country.

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The stereotypical Chinese is a cheat, a currency-manipulator, and he is either filthy rich or wretchedly poor but always callous and corrupt. Oh, and EU-commissioner Günther Oettinger calls them “rascals and chinks” (Schlitzohren und Schlitzaugen).

Daimler said sorry but it didn’t mean it. It’s protecting its business, not its moral conviction. The Germans in China often turn into mad imperialists. They have to slow it down. I have written more about it… before.

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