If you are nothing without your post, than you shouldn’t have it – Merkel clings

Germany: A desperate US puppet dictator clings to her post

With just 33 % of the votes last year in September 2017, the Merkel party lies broken and defeated. But the globalist media [plural…, they expand into every corner] of course tell you that Merkel is still the German chancellor, her 4th term as Supreme Leader, is preferred by the majority, blah blah blah. Propaganda. In a real democracy, if 67 % of the people vote you out of office, you are OUT. [Technicality: In Germany, the people cannot vote their chancellor nor their president, they can only vote “a party”]. Merkel is expired. She has nothing more to show, and leaves nothing but broken politics behind for her successors to work with, than a desolate, criminal regime [the Internet has a file!] a society terrorized, and the opposition–the AfD?–: oppressed! an even more colluded, lying press, and a censorship nation overrun by Muslim invaders from Africa and the Middle East [Oh wait until they get armed by the CIA!]. Her election promise was to fix what she has done to the German people: Make Germany safe again, vote the Merkel party! [I’m not making this up, look here.] She could have also said she was going to be re-elected no matter what she babbles. That’s because, traditionally since World War 2 ended on the note of Germany’s ‘Total, Unconditional Surrender’, Washington and the globalists screen German politicians and have long decided on her re-election. Alas, with so much going wrong–and blood on her hands–it is hard to see what corrupt Merkel is without her post. And if you are nothing without your post, than you shouldn’t have it…

Image Source: Getty Images: German Chancellor A. Merkel and US President B. Obama at the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau in 2015. One is expired, the other… she clings desperately to her post