Dirty journalist and hack Jim Edwards calls BREXIT voters racists

Smearing millions of his fellow citizens as racists

That “presumably” won’t make it journalism, Jim.

“Some of the people who voted Leave did so because they’re racists, according to a study published in the British Journal of Social Psychology. Brexit, Trump, the rise of the AfD in Germany, and the 60,000 “white Europe” marchers at Poland’s Independence Day celebrations, are all signs that Europe’s white population is tired of dealing with mass immigration.“–Business Insider

So, this is how “journalism” works now. Title: Racists. Check. “Racists” will be in for a big surprise, eh?! Brexit voters. Check. Trump voters. Check. AfD voters. Check. Polish natives. Check. From “some racist people” in some idiot study to the entire “white population” in one single paragraph! Bravo!

Hacks and Dirty Journalists at Business Insider

The dirty journalist, because he googled some shit-talk, believes that immigration from India will be forced onto the UK, after Brexit happens: “This, presumably, is the opposite of what the racists were hoping for.”

Not the Indian racists, though! Oh what a crap media! That article is not just stellar propaganda. It is anti-British, pathological self-hatred, schadensfreude and pure race-baiting. Bait taken: With hacks and dirty journalists like this, the UK doesn’t need enemies.

Corrupt journalists: the EU and her press soldiers

Which brings us to Business Insider. Business Insider UK describes itself as follows: “Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you.” That’s so convenient, thank you! Now I don’t have to read other media, because you told us all we need to know! No, wait a minute. You are 97% owned by Axel Springer Verlag. The EU’s biggest media group! Headquartered in Berlin. Which makes dirty Jim Edwards’ relentless anti-BREXIT propaganda what?

Hacks and Dirty Journalists: Jim Edwards from Business Insider writes insidious anti-BREXIT propaganda non-stop. Guess who’s paying his Brötchen?


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