Disney and Star Wars: The Last Jedi corrupted Rotten Tomatoes

*Correction: The Fan Score is now 49%.

Audiences are not having any of the fake reviews: The Last Jedi is not a great movie

There has come to the public attention a great chasm between the ‘professional reviewers’ and the audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes concerning the multi-billion dollar franchise ‘Star Wars’ and its latest Disney adaptation ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. The expert reviewers suspiciously rate this movie at 90% (average of 357 reviews) while the audiences overwhelmingly rate this movie at 49% (average of 178,455 reviews).

“If critics are giving that piece of crap movie a 92% then there’s something very wrong with critics.”–Quora

The corrupt elites vs the people: A grass-root revolt is sensible against Disney’s sock-puppets: paid-for reviewers who clearly overrate a much-hyped, lazily propagandized movie that ultimately doesn’t deserve all the fake praise.

The movie is visually stunning, but disrespectful to anyone’s intelligence. Clearly, what we have here is an affiliation and agenda of the few, paid-for (by Disney?) marketing specialists against the masses who clearly–on average–didn’t like the movie that much and had huge problems with the political brainwash, the radical feminism, the social justice warrior ideology, and the disrespect for plot and beloved characters.

Money can buy all the world’s critics, but not the audiences

“All the critics who love The Last Jedi are either paid by Disney or have an agenda. There’s no other way there’s not more dissenting opinion about this movie. It’s god awful.”–TigerDroppings

It turns out, the specialist reviewers have little to no arguments and thus turn against the audiences, accusing them of racism and sexism, because, clearly, you must love this movie for its ideological messages or else you are an awful bigot.

“If Disney is going to try to pressure outlets through their film critics, film critics should stand up to corporate influence.”–WashingtonPost

But read it yourself: bad plot is now ‘surprising twists’ and social justice is now ’emotion-rich’. The audiences, many of them Star Wars fans for 40 years, do not buy this bullshit. No, this movie is NOT ‘what fans were hoping for’. A multi-billion corporation, Disney, clearly hyped the film and franchise so much and thus intimidated the corrupt paid-for reviewers at the legacy media who hope for favors and access. This would explain the abysmal discrepancy between the Disney soldiers and the independent audiences. The correct score for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ probably lies somewhere in between, at 70%. It’s not the perfect movie Disney pays everyone to believe.