ATTENTION: If you see this double unicorn fucker, RUN! [It’s the speech police!]

This post is about German state propaganda using unicorns to police hateful speech. If you see this double unicorn fucker, RUN!


Cause that’s the Doppeleinhorn. The Doppeleinhorn or “Two-horned unicorn” or “Duo-Unicorn” or PFFFT… is the invention of the German Ministry of not Having Enough Children to magically make hateful comments disappear. By shaming ya!

Oh dear, it is a double-horned cutey unicorn! What could possibly go wrong?

Pepe the Frog is very sad that German regime created the Double Unicorn.

Well, for one: Double Unicorn is state-sponsored. Big red socialist flag. Next, it is supposed to be the anti-Troll or anti-Pepe the Frog, meaning to bring snowflakes and shining rainbows into our hateful, degenerated world… by introducing a hateful, degenerated unicorn with two horns and absolutely no fingers!

HAhaha! so, what does it do?

It’s always offended, always whining, always unhappy about what was just said: so offensive, so politically incorrect. Follow me to my safe space!

Here’s what Cicero, a political commentary, writes about this bizarre state propaganda act:

“The democratic-theoretical assumptions are problematic, they turn into their opposites: The thick Knuddeltier with its tiny legs, its stumbling hands, and its pot belly is to promote –“in your beautiful, colorful world” and “in the social media and in the public space”– “democracy and freedom of expression”. Yet at the same time it polices “against hatred and agitation”. In fact, the creature wants to eliminate unpleasant or radical opinions from the discourse.”


No, not boring. This is surreal stuff:

I fight for #freedom of expression and #democracy and against hatred and incitement in your beautiful, colorful world. Your #DoubleUnicorn.

The Tweets by Double Unicorn are really stupid and infantilizing:

It says: “Freedom of Expression is the life elixir of the doubleunicorns.”
It says: “Freedom of expression” is the noblest of all doubleunicorn rights.”

Double Unicorn tries to be super-cool and hip. Oh look, it has digitized glasses. Much like popular Youtube channel Kraut and Tea. Damn it, it even trolls Donald Trump’s tweets! AWESOME!

It says, in response to an internet meme kicked off by US president Donald Trump accidentally tweeting a non-word ‘covfefe’: “We have the basic right to free speech, not the basic right to shit-talk.”
Here it already turns political. Sad doubleunicorn is double sad after devastating attack in Kabul.
Here, doubleunicorn says hate speech is lame. [NO YOU ARE LAME, I HATE YOU, FU**ING DOUBLE UNICORN!]
See, now doubleunicorn has been triggered: “Even winged unicorns must not trash talk.”

God knows how many [tax-payer funded] millions of euros are being wasted on creepy, speech-policing unicorns.

If you see one, LEAVE IT ALONE!