Dying Merkel regime’s last act: Stasi and Gestapo methods reactivated!

Authoritarian Merkel regime that tore apart Europe and plotted genocide now desperate to censor the Internet

Merkel Germany and the EU are the enemies of Great Britain and the United States of America. The citizens have to shut up about the totalitarian EU, are brainwashed and readied to sabotage, subvert, and criminalize BREXIT and TRUMP America.

The German Criminals of State

She-despot Angela Merkel, former East Germany Stasi agent and now the local US puppet dictator, lies, murders, destroys her own race if that what it takes to stay in power. Watch Merkel calling for crackdown on all US social media. Watch Merkel lying about migration in your face:

Empress Dowager Angela Merkel: Population replacement, crackdown on the native German population, political oppression, reign by terror and fear.

Narcissist, leftist Minister of Justice, Heiko ‘Goebbels’ Maas, head of the Ministry of Truth, who published his national rape fantasies and penned the Truth Laws. Watch his brutal persecution of ‘incorrect thought’ and the extermination of political dissident:

Heiko Maas, Germany’s narcissist Minister of Justice, publishes his nation-sized rape fantasies.

Master-Censor Thomas De Maiziere, Minister of Interior, who cover-ed up the foreign invasion, launched thought police, citizen inform on citizen, genocide against native Germans. Watch De Maiziere lying about migrant crimes:

Thomas De Maiziere and the migrant crimes: first cover them up, next criminalize the victims, last extort the police and the prosecution.

Our prayers go out to the oppressed Germans: You are NOT alone!

Our prayers go with the millions of victims, the people of Germany and of Europe. Stay strong. protect your families. Keep your heads down. Do NOT watch the German regime media. Do NOT attack the regime, for that is what they want: to provoke you into doing something stupid so that they can retaliate and annihilate you for good.

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Darkness and state terror are coming back again to Europe. But you are not alone in this. Watch alternative media. Read dissident literature. Listen into foreign broadcast. Learn survival skills. Be patient, for the tyrants will not last. They never do.