Disgraced UK political columnist of the ECONOMIST gets new German blog: Gossiping females

After his spectacular propaganda fail, the ECONOMIST has transferred its idiot UK politics expert to Germany, calls his new Berlin column “gossiping females.”


“Why ‘Kaffeeklatsch’? The coffee-house tradition is broadly distinctive to the German-speaking world, a symbol of civilised and convivial discussion of current events.”

No it is not! Kaffeeklatsch is not a coffee-house tradition. It is certainly not about politics.

‘Kaffeeklatsch’ means gossip. It has negative connotations. As in … gossiping. Do you know what ‘Klatsch-presse’ means, it means the gossip press! That would be tabloid press, or yellow press, in England.

The Economist is fake experts. The Economist is crap.

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