FAKE MEDIA in our airports: The Economist’s Failing Master Narrative

More FAKE ‘Economist‘ NEWS :

Really not just dead yet, Economist? How’s YOUR relevancy coping?

The Economist is an undemocratic, unelected piece of journo-terrorism bend on smearing the sovereign nation states, leaders, economies, entire populations: threats, intimidation, revisionism, subversion, warmongering and fear.

“After the one-two punch of Brexit and Trump, Europeans are watching every coming election, from Austria to the Netherlands to France, for fear it could become the next staging post in the long march to illiberalism.”Economist

Almost nothing you propagated on Russia, Trump America, Turkey, China, the EU and Brexit came even close to reality but reeked of the disgusting globalist “enemy propaganda” and “information warfare.”

So, there is ‘corporate propaganda’ (sweet little lies), ‘Russian propaganda’ (hollow superpower), Islamic propaganda (to combat Islamic propaganda), ‘Assad propaganda’ (the withdrawal that wasn’t), the ‘Chinese propaganda’ (who draws the party line), and the ‘cold war propaganda’ (the propaganda war)… the list is endless.

Your corruption is infinite.

Your allegiance is not to the British people.

Your Alice-in-Wonderland columns are wishful thinking and make-belief.

Now you may continue sabotaging Great Britain. Looks good on you.

Failing British Empire, failing ideology. The Economist at this point is complete rubbish, yet airport people still pay for the London-based propaganda racket just to see what the failing ‘globalists’ cry over next.
When all else fails, instigate war with Russia, Economist!