The ECONOMIST checked out of World history’s master bedroom and moved into the shithouse

Deception, Lies, Fake Polls… TOTAL CRAP. The ECONOMIST is post-colonial diarrhea.

Rancor of a shitty past

Hear this one out, in your calmest voice: There are tabloids (sensation), there is gonzo journalism (ridicule), there is the yellow press (gossip), and there is fake news (lies). And than, there is… THE ECONOMIST! That’s right, the ECONOMIST is its own category:

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The London-based ECONOMIST is Lost Empire and Failing Master Narrative. No Empire no more in London, and not enough British masters that go into journalism, but plenty of leftist, anonymous beta-males. That’s right: The ECONOMIST moved out of World History’s ‘master-bedroom’ and checked right down into the back-alley’s shithouse. Everything those liberal inbreds conspire to, stinks. They have stool on their fingers. They have poop under their feet. What they touch becomes feces. That is their brand now: CRAP.

[And we don’t even talk this time about the ECONOMIST ‘s constant enemy propaganda against evil Russia, evil China, and evil alternative media!]

It is a mistake that the ECONOMIST ‘s gas and intellectual bamf is still sold at our airports. In hotels. In the former colonies such as Hong Kong and India. But that’s just adding to its embarrassment and total exposure, I suppose.

Anonymous writers in the shite-house

During the age of oppression (in which nobody could talk back at the media, EVER), the lying racket could actually ENFORCE its corruption and political agenda onto the world. The corrupt journalists were in cahoots with powerful elites, expanding businesses, missionaries, and Her Majesty’s military. They wrote shit back then also, but it was actually sticky shit.

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But today the failing ECONOMIST sits down there in the shithole. It can’t enforce a thing! It farts and feebs and pfffts: Erdogan phhhhrt, Trump pfffffrrr, pfffr, Putin phhrrrr, End of world blamblam ppfft… Nothing it dumps onto its red pages the world now gives a flying fuck about! On the contrary: if the ECONOMIST supports a project—EU, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, New World Order, Britain Remain—, you know that project is NOT going well!

When a flush is needed… the flush just broke!

The ECONOMIST is a sure formula for night soil. Total losers that will curse your campaign with bad luck and failure. As a rule, if the ECONOMIST supports ‘it’ too, you run for a shower! The ECONOMIST is a deterrent to reality. You don’t wanna have anything to do with whatever it currently promotes. It’s like the team that never wins. Remember when the ECONOMIST badly wanted a 1984-like “Colonial Uprising” in Tibet during the Beijing 2008 Olympics? Or when the ECONOMIST campaigned that India’s Modi “should not become prime minister“? Haha, so funny!

Without further ado, more ECONOMIST crap:

How the ECONOMIST was WRONG about Brexit:

ECONOMIST: The “average of the main polls of public opinion,” says 56% would vote ‘Remain’, and only 20% would vote ‘Brexit’ [Britain’s exit from the totalitarian EU]. Nice try, ECONOMIST. So Brexit it was!

How the ECONOMIST was WRONG about Martin Schulz:

Martin Schulz, the former chairman of the European Parliament (unelected), returns to Berlin and is set up by the German regime as the Social-Democrat’s candidate against Angela Merkel. The ECONOMISTS prefers Merkel and quickly LIES that polls show that Schulz stands no chance. Same week, all major German polls point to Schulz ahead in the race.  The ECONOMIST is full of shit.

How the ECONOMIST was WRONG about Hillary Clinton:

Gone are the times when we just told all the countries in the world what to think and whom to vote for. The ECONOMIST had cast its hypothetical vote for Hillary Clinton of course. Losers!

How the ECONOMIST was WRONG about Marine Le Pen:

“Polls are still reliable, and they show Marine Le Pen losing,” says ECONOMIST. The same week in France several major polls putting her ahead of the race. Nice try, ECONOMIST!

How the ECONOMIST was WRONG about WMD:

And always remember: For the unelected, anonymous journo-terrorists at the ECONOMIST magazine, “war would be justified.”
The ECONOMIST is deliberate dishonesty and engaged falsehood… Nothing the ECONOMIST writes is of actual value to the world or makes it a better place or has any meaning beyond their terrorism, contempt, and disruption…