The Economist Propaganda Show

LONDON (The East-West Writer)—Last week, it reasoned to me. The English government might be a crook. Your second to the last prime minister, a war criminal. Your mass media (most of them), in cahoots with the government. Together, they fabricate enemies, spurn terror, and spread fear. Divide and conquer. The Economist is in charge of inciting animosity and hatred – on a global scale. It is lawless. To you it brags, it is free.

Free to do what? Free to cover the sky with the crimes of our enemies, until blood drips on our children. Our own crimes, huggermugged. The Economist tells us what to think, whom to go to war with, and whom to vote for. Sovereign Britain is bad. Russia and China are bad. Donald Trump is so bad. There are now tens of thousands of websites and blogs dedicated to The Economist’s desperate agitprop.

The reality is, the people don’t trust The Economist. They read it as a matter of self-preservation. What is the propaganda racket up to next? We think you are criminals, in cahoot with the corrupt elites. We think you are in cahoot with the criminals that run America, and terrorize the world. You are the media mafia. And our historians will set you straight one day.

by the East-West Writer

Image source: G. Orwell’s 1984