The Economist’s Subscriber Button-Banner Show (and its Fake Followers)

The Economist is very, very, VERY desperate to attract new subscribers.

So much so, that it shovels subscriber buttons and banners in your face! They also harass you into Login (to get your email so that they can spam your inbox!), or else they put up a paywall after you’ve clicked the fourth article that week. The Economist also invests heavily into buying fake subscribers and artificially fake its popularity. For example, over 10 million of its “subscribers” on Twitter are totally FAKE! 😂


Do NOT BELIEVE anything you read in the Economist (which is mostly paid-for political enemy propaganda or disinformation) and, most important, do NOT GIVE them your money, your credit card number, your personal information! (You have been warned twice now over the email spam). The Economist is a nasty propaganda rag, a fake news aggregate, and a dishonest, cheating subscriber scam gone into overkill.

Image source: Economist website, The Subscriber button-banner show!


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