“The End to Racism” is code for End to the Irish: It’s genocide propaganda!

White Irish must be reeducated, slowly replaced because they are racist

How is this even possible, Ireland? The natives are disenfranchised, disowned, replaced by mass immigration and the propaganda press hails it “the end to racism.” This is genocide propaganda, plain and simple.

Insanity. “Melting pot of cultures” and “New Ireland”. And if you disagree, you are a xenophobic, racist right-wing extremists. The media is complicit. Crazy stuff.

This piece, penned by a white liberal lunatic at Independent.ie, is completely insane. It starts off how the New brown and black Irish are the true victims of the white racist native Irish, and must be given safe spaces.

“Young people from minority ethnic backgrounds in Ireland are the target of regular racist taunts and name calling, a report has revealed. […]
Ireland now prides itself on welcoming immigrants to their adopted country, and the report notes that they can flourish if they can be given “safe and supported spaces.”

Multiculturalism code word for white genocide, anyone?

The natives are criminalized, the migrants heroised. The natives are racist, the migrants are multicultural. This is brutal, paid-for indoctrination and terror, and one wonders what Ireland has up its sleeve next. Inciting more hatred against whites, surely! Purge them from their jobs? Confiscate their houses and businesses? Extort a written confession: “Yes, I’m guilty of being a racist ginger.” How about shutting down their “hate speech”?

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Image source: “Your Kind Is Extinct” (1984): Winston is reduced to an empty, mindless yes-sayer, “cured” from his wrong-think