Travel warning: City buses no longer safe in German cities

Riding buses in Germany can be dangerous

Never look anybody in the eyes. Migrants gangs and foreigners go to the back of the elonged buses–because there are group seats–and they shout and brag and harass other people, while the elderly and young intimidated Germans mostly sit in the front, near to the driver who’s got a large mirror to oversee the immediate seats behind. [During night-time, avoid buses at all cost!].

Germany is a class society, where everyone sane and with money drives a car. So on a bus ride, you will see mostly the elderly, school kids at certain times, the unemployed, and the underclass: the retarded, the anti-social, and especially: refugees, asylum seekers, and large Roma or Muslim families.

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The underclass rides bus, as do the migrants

Bus drivers are less likely to experience crimes than passengers, but they still witness vandalism and get physical threatened A LOT: punched in the face, or yelled at, insulted frequently by drunks or drug addicts. Some migrants do not buy tickets at all. They know the driver can’t force them to, and the police won’t do a thing for fear of being called “Nazis.” In Essen, which host a large migrant population, last year alone 51 bus drivers reported physical assaults. The drivers are scared and now demand security measures like Plexiglas cabins or bulletproof windows. Moreover, Germany employs female bus drivers who get disrespected by African or Oriental thugs. Oh dear.

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