EU media: CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, NYTimes profit from war

Ouch, that hurts. Europe’s ugliest tabloid, DER SPIEGEL, calls out US media: warmongers!

BERLIN – Totalitarian Germany, 2017: Dear supreme leader Angela Merkel prepares for her 4th term: Grackdown, censorship, persecution, population replacement, the most corrupt and colluded press outside North Korea (in some ways): State-run, yellow journalism, enemy propaganda, gossip, lies, FAKE NEWS. No shame!

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Yet, here is this most disgusting of all EU shit media, DER SPIEGEL, with this week’s biggest headline: “War always goes,” exposing US media over US missiles strikes on Syria this week: The damn US press profits from war! Imagine that! Ha ha ha!

Hypocrisy: DER SPIEGEL itself has ALWAYS profited from US WARS, and BIG TIMES (Source: medienkritik).

“War always sells,” cries the magazine. Among the accused: MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. And: “CNN is what it is today because of war.”

It is bizarre, especially in the German EU with her ministry of truth, the thought police, the Stasi, and press soldiers all patrolling the population: intimidation, political repression, prosecution, citizens inform on citizens, police raids on Facebook groups. Against this background, DER SPIEGEL of course must distract the public with news of evil abroad. But let’s not digress…

DER SPIEGEL has profited from all US wars too, and from all terrorists attacks, from genocide, from all tragedies in the world; why, BECAUSE IT IS THE LEGACY MEDIA! The legacy media’s job is to pretend to be against all these terrible things they happen to write about.

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It’s like one drug cartel accusing another drug cartel of profiting from selling drugs. Or one military accusing another military of being militant. No point.

DER SPIEGEL columnist profit from WAR: ‘A little bit of war’: “Him who throws bombs is loved. This is our world … We will regret it.”

The regime media, all regime media, will always be part of the problem. As long as they exist, war exists. And if there wasn’t a war, they would help the state to create one.