EU, New Germany, and the Nationcide Project: Destroy Le Pen, Correct French Election

Dissolution of France the Nation

The German regime has gone too far down totalitarian lane: Population replacement, censorship, crackdown: The war against ‘hateful comments’ and ‘fake news’. And paranoia: EVERYONE is the now an existential threat: free Britain, sovereign Russia, rebel Poland, assertive Turkey, supreme China, democratic Trump America,… France. Yes, France!

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EXTREME PROPAGANDA: German regime press SPIEGEL, in 2011: Le Pen MUST BE ASSOCIATED with: “right-wing” “extremist” “racist” and “populist” in the headers already!

The people are just insects

The main objective in 2017: Take out the populists. The populists are the leaders of the populus -the people. The people of Europe must never elect their true representatives. The only reason they still got ‘a vote’ is to “confirm” the pre-selected regime’s candidate. And if a regime were to suspect that the people would on principle vote against the regime’s candidate, that regime would rightfully start to criminalize the people and take down their true leaders.

Switch off their means of communication

After BREXIT and DONALD TRUMP, the Merkel regime truly fears for its own life and legacy. If the people can communicate freely on social media, so we observed in Great Britain and America, they WILL START a revolution against the corrupt regime. This must be stopped: Disable comment sections; Delist websites; Delete ‘hateful’ contents on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube; Demonetize alternative media; Derank regime-critical blogs. Citizens inform citizens. Thought police patrols the internet. Blacklists. Character assassinations. Physical raids. End of freedom of speech.

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Correct French Election

Marine Le Pen – Daughter of the Devil, The Ascent of a dangerous woman and the Right in Europe (2017)

Marine Le Pen has been critical about the European Union for years and has been slandered by German propaganda in ways that should make any French patriot rethink the European Union fifty times over: Berlin wants to undo France the Nation. It thrives on terror in France.

France is going to elect a new leader this year, and if Marine Le Pen wins, she says she would lead the free people of France out out of the undemocratic, totalitarian European Union. Note: THAT’S THE ENEMY OF THE REGIME! For Germany, the Union is the German Fourth Reich. The people who support Le Pen are THE ENEMY OF THAT GERMAN REGIME. And Germany will crush them like insects.

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German IV Reich

The poor French don’t know what’s happening to them: Terror, defamation, enemy propaganda. The French believe it is Islamic terrorism that’s their nation’s main problem. In reality, German terror is. Destabilize the nation, divide the population, breed the natives out of existence, take away sovereignty, and the European Union will take care of France. Still voting for Le Pen? Entire towns are labelled right-wing extremists and racist, including women, children, and the elderly. No shame, no scruple, no remorse: The French people must NEVER vote the incorrect candidate!

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Terror from the European Union

It should be evident to everyone by now that the European Union is a nationcide project. This summer’s game: Hunting Nationalists and “Nazis”! Germany’s press soldiers are dispatched to all parts of France to subvert the regions, demonize Le Pen’s supporters, and bad-mouth any nationalist grass-root movement as “radical right-wing extremists.”

It is brutal. And it will get worse.

German propaganda carnival for all ages: Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and Adolf Hitler on display: BLOND is the NEW BROWN. (Source: Breitbart)
Every second and third-tier regime paper in Germany must affix ‘right-wing extremist’ to Le Pen. She is the enemy of the EU IV Reich. (Source: Stuttgarter-Zeitung.)
German regime TV, ZDF, links right-wing populist Marine Le Pen to Putin: Putin supports European right-wing populists!
State media (ARD) show THIS in the NEWS! Linking Marine Le Pen, Frauke Petry, and Geert Wilders to Hitler, Stalin and Co. -mass murderers and dictators!
Brutal defamation by Handelsblatt (the regime’s Financial news). “German right-wing extremists “advertise” for cooperation with French right-wing extremists.” The aim of defamation is to slander political enemies by threaten banks and companies to cut financial support for the persons mentioned or risk being targeted with defamation next.
Defamation and enemy propaganda: Frejus in France is the village of right-wing extremists (complete with women, children, and the elderly). The major, who’s Front National, is draining money from friendly clubs and offends journalists. Migrants live in fear. (Source: Regime press DieZeit).
Germany vs its European Union