Eva Herman – Critic of Radical Feminism

Eva Herman is a smart, blond, and very attractive woman. She is also the former anchor of the ‘Tagesschau’, Germany’s flagship news broadcaster. In the 90s, millions admired her, adored Herman. Then, in 2006, she made a bad, bad, BAD mistake: She suggested, in public, that German women should marry, and have more kids, and even raise those kids.

She argues, and I am paraphrasing of course, that the current gender equality debate has ruined the lives of many women. Women in Germany were better off in the past, Herman argues, when they could be wives, mothers, and daughters in large, stable families. Unfortunately [for her job security], the “past” in Germany means “Nazi.”

Herman lost her status, became unemployable, and was paraded as Neo-Nazi Hitler-mom. She fought back by accusing the liberal media of destroying family values and even denying the existence of biological [natural] gender roles and the difference between the sexes.

It got so ridiculous, that when she finally accused the mass media of co-optation [collusion], a neoliberal talk host, Kerner, lectured her that this word was a Nazi-term, too! The witch hunt was painful to watch. Her bounce-back: all the more remarkable.


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