EXPOSED: Data Mining Expert Finds Systematic Censorship at German Regime Press DER SPIEGEL

HAMBURG (The East-West Writer)—David Kriesel is a Technology Engineer in Advanced Analytics, who “data-mined” over “100,000” articles of the regime media DER SPIEGEL, the transatlantic propaganda racket. “Make that 600,000” versions of articles, he says, because articles do get doctored on over time. [See Video below or click here]

DER SPIEGEL (Image source: Wikipedia)

The researcher [David Kriesel has a blog here] does not make ANY accusations (we are living in dangerous times where the media IS PART OF THE REGIME), and he is talking in German language obviously, so I am walking on my nipples here and summarize and explain his “findings” with regards to DER SPIEGEL’s censorship practice:

DER SPIEGEL, one of Europe’s leading “opinion makers,” systematically disables the ‘Comment Section’ in its articles about Merkel’s refugee crisis, Migrant crimes, Islamic terror, Israel obviously, and France’s State of Emergency. Articles on evil Russia, evil China, evil Donald Trump, certain companies the press doesn’t like, and the Sport section on the other hand everyone is free to comment on as they please.

The raw data suggests that DER SPIEGEL engages in massive censorship and deception activities, and works as propaganda tool for the regime, manipulating the public discourse.

DER SPIEGEL divides the world into Good and Evil, and manipulates the comment sections of its articles accordingly. Image source/selected articles: 1. ‘Candidate Trump – The Ugly America’; 2. Russia – Hooligans attack migrants’; 3. ‘Israel’s Netanyahu demands amnesty for convicted soldier’; ‘4. ‘Racial profiling in Germany – It happened that policemen said Sorry’. [DER SPIEGEL, last access: Jan 18, 2017, 16:00 PM]
by the East-West Writer


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