Google Fake News Media and See How It Backfired on the Mainstream

[last date of access: April 2017] NEW YORK — Hard cash is channeled into the Western legacy media each year to brainwash us with ideology and propaganda. CNN, NBC, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Economist, Guardian, Die Zeit, SPIEGEL (to name a few) are all in cahoots with the globalists.

The globalists, the new aristocracy of earth, are few in numbers but act in concert (Hannah Arendt: “to project power”) and tell us what to think, whom to vote for, and with whom to go to war with.

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With the rise of the “free” internet, however, people started to crack. The people called bullshit on the propaganda.

Alternative media and citizens media formed. Alien. Almost like a new species. Their goal: Exposing the lies of the legacy media. Replacing them one day, perhaps. And natural selection worked for a while. Thanks, mainly, to US global corporations veiled as public utilities: the ‘social networks’ such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, but also thanks to open ‘comment sections’ in the legacy media.

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First hailed by Western governments as powerful catalysts to bring about regime change in the Third World and China and Russia, the same social media now brought about regime change in Great Britain and America. [BREXIT and TRUMP, respectively.]

Naturally, the totalitarian European Union fears the people. “The people are the problem,” warned former President of Germany, Joachim Gauk. The people do not watch the regime propaganda media any more, or if they do, they don’t believe it.

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Loyal to the regime, the legacy media closed their comment sections, or moderate them [->echo chambers]. Next, the legacy media campaigned for a war on so-called ‘fake news’ -the views of non-regime approved competitors. The alternative media and the citizens media must be suffocated through planet-wide efforts of delisting, deletion, demonitzation, and persecution.

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Naturally, the people -no matter how crippled and disenfranchised and criminalized by now- fired back. They answered to the legacy media, the true ‘fake news media’, by the tens of millions. No matter how reckless the globalists’ censorship, the internet is already pregnant with hatred for its oppressors.

Just google ‘fake news media’ and see for yourself how it backfired on the mainstream: