Loser Laowai on the Ditie [Chinese Subway Watch]

Good stuff. Being foreign is a free ticket to ‘anti-social behavior’, whatever that is. Locals feel intimidated. Police don’t bother [lest they are being labelled racist). I was kidding. You can do everything you like on a Chinese subway. China is much freer than you think.

Chinese rules are there to be broken anyway. [They are evil communists, remember?] Western journalists will always back up the Western infidels as “freedom fighters” and “human rights activists.” So, the Chinese authorities really can only sit in their boxes and speculate what the ‘laowai’ (lit: outsiders) are up to next.

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Identity politics: Is it different if Whites are doing it?

And, indeed, there is a ‘sport‘ going on among Western immigrants (who title themselves ‘expats’) to arouse media attention (mostly by pulling down their pants) and cause public outrage (there is lots of fornication in the Forbidden City, too), perhaps comparable to the attention seeking of feminists and social justice warriors in the West. [Hence, a lot of it is staged.]

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‘Performance art’ on Chinese subway on the rise

This particularly old farts group in the image above sat down in a Shanghai subway for a cheap picnic and booze, inviting snapshots and plenty of sharing on Chinese social media. It is not spectacularly inventive, as often migrant workers sit down and eat. Still, the Chinese internet is divided over this. Which is all da boyz wanted to achieve to impress their Chinese girlfriends anyway, no? Ganbei!

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