Gerald Celente: It’s “The End of the European Union”

There is no doubting Gerald Celente‘s accuracy in predicting outcomes:

Gerald Celente“This is going to be the beginning of the end of the European Union. This means the end of the euro. The end of the euro will hasten the collapse of the European Central Bank. And as the European Central Banks fails, the dominos will begin to unleash even greater chaos.

The collapse of the banking system is now front and center. We have seen share prices of banks in Europe and abroad plunging in the aftermath of Brexit. The banks are too big for the governments to bailout, so as the dominos begin to tumble, chaos will engulf the world.

This chaos will increase populism movements not only throughout Europe but also the United States and across the planet. We said this was going to change the world forever and it has. And the change has just begun because it is spreading across the globe and it will lead to a completely different outcome than what the elites had planned for.

I want to add one more point in closing because it’s very important. Instead of the Western mainstream media propaganda machine pointing the finger at Putin and Russia, they should be pointing out how the elites had sent the West down a path of total destruction. Now that the people are rising up and standing against the old power structure, the great hope is that perhaps the West will be spared from the great abyss.”


Via King World News (KWN). Shoutout to David Kersten: Thanks for sharing.