Oriental colonialism: German Classroom 2017

Oriental brawl: German authorities apologize for cultural ignorance

Just kidding. It would be illegal to film in a German classroom because that’s racist. No, THIS Oriental brawl with chairs happened in the refugee registration hall in Dortmund. Bye bye, Germany.

“Refugee brawl with chairs: Authorities rethink security concept.”–Focus.de

The best thing with this incident, however, is the ’emasculated, defeatist language’ in that regime press video above. The violent migrants are being patronized. It is NOT their fault, you see: The German authorities were wrong and cultural insensitive to put two rivaling, violent clans into the same waiting room!

Massive propaganda to glorify the “New Germans”. Forget about Tibet and Ukraine. The real colonization and population replacement happens right here in Germany. And it’s very distressing to behold the regime’s multi-billion euros determination [costs for “refugees” from 2015-2010 est: 100 billion euros].

Colonizers are here to stay and take over

Migrant ‘Gangsterrapper’ call themselves ‘Germania’, get boasted by regime press.

All is cool for the migrants. For the natives, not so much. It’s liberal insanity. And quite a double standard. If native Germans had been involved, their lives would have been ruined: prosecution, criminal register, livelong unemployment, blacklisting. But here, it’s just Orientals, so the fighting parties “were separated” and “made sure they don’t stay in the same room” and the authorities would “reconsider their security concept.”

So-called ‘prank-videos’ on Youtube are very popular in which migrants are harassing and bullying native Germans.

It gets better. These invaders do not only go lawless, they also go carefree: They will get free housing, free insurance, free welfare packages, free lawyers and legal assistance, free public transport, free education, and free ‘money’, LOTS OF MONEY– doubling and tripling for the many children they have–far more social welfare than native Germans could ever dream of.

Anti-German violence, bullying, racism the new normal at German schools. Regime and media censor the truth.

More bizarrely, the regime propaganda celebrates these new arrivals as the new masters of Germany, the “New Germans.” The propaganda press is full of “heroic migrants” versus “neo-Nazi natives.” Massive crackdown on ethnic Germans and censorship of social media have psychologically amputated the survival will of the Germans. They practically believe now fully, because they hear it every day, that they deserve to be disrespected and disowned because of their past ‘Nazi guilt’.

State sponsored ‘anti-German racism’ [warning: extreme hate speech]

The persecution and humiliation of native Germans has only just begun

Regime publishers: The “New Germans” are biological necessity and historical opportunity.

And if the press, like seen here in this Focus video, does report some migrant incident, it is usually minor and the press immediately apologizes on behalf of the Germans for their lack of awareness of cultural differences.

Meanwhile, the German regime is covering-up over 600.000 migrant crimes a year and have criminalized the mentioning of ethnicity and nationality in police and media reports. Reports about migrant crimes are ‘rewritten’ as German crimes in an attempt to whitewash the ongoing genocide on the white ethnic Germans and population replacement.

Many top officials, including the German chancellor, the German head of parliament, and the German president, have openly called for crackdown on native Germans–all Nazis–and exterminating white communities, mostly in the East of Germany. Police and prosecutors and the media collude with the regime and criminalize the Germans, give criminal migrants a free pass.

It’s a true Oriental colonization and invasion process. Very spectacular and awesome to behold.

Colonization is normalized, Population replacement happened all the time!

German propaganda regime press, Die ZEIT in its ‘The New Germans’ informs the native Germans: population replacement is very normal, and mass migration happened all the time, so don’t worry, just accept.

Migrant who speaks German fluently has warning for white native Germans: You are defenseless! You have no balls! You are finished:

A female black activist who lived and loved Germany has stern warning for the emasculated, brainwashed Germans: