German Times, Leftist Media & Totalitarian State (Post-Trump Trauma)

[Warning. This is about colluded and corrupt state media and censorship. Strong language. Reader discretion is advised.]

BERLIN (The East-West Writer) – Freedom of expression? Not in Germany! Freedom of the press, not for the people! Die ZEIT [Times], the Merkel regime’s state-of-the-art propaganda flagship, doesn’t take chances with yo readers’ critical comments. You say something that doesn’t rhyme with the status quo, they’ll delete your dissent on sight.

Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate their opinions in words, texts and images […] There is no censorship. –Art. 5, §1, First sentence, German Basic Law

Creating critique-free spaces

Here is a list of often completely arbitrary censorship reasons (to their credit, they give some), colder than the inquisition in Hammer of the Witches:

Deleted. Please refrain from generalizations. The editors / ja

Deleted. Please formulate your criticism objectively and respectfully. The editors / ja

Deleted. Please refer to the article’s topic. The editors / ur

Deleted. Please argue without unnecessary polemics. The editors / ee

Deleted. Please refrain from submitting any unsupported information. The editors / ee

Deleted. Please support your statement with sources and do not engage in any general defamation and accusations. The editors / ee

Deleted. Please refrain from excessive polemics. The editors / rg

Deleted. Please provide your statement with sources. The editors / ee

Deleted. Please refrain from assumptions. The editors / ja

And these are just a few of many deletions taken from just one article (!) about the ‘state of emergency in France’. Censorship takes place in all comment sections. We are talking about thousands of deletions, every day. For this kind of thought policing, the paper needs many, many censors (ja, ur, ee, rg … are name abbreviation).

Boundless fiction for the people

The censorship (they call it, of course, “moderation”) has no limits. Same with the biased articles on offer. The propagandists are afraid to be held accountable by the people. They therefore call on the state for prosecution of their critics. The oppressed people defend themselves verbally and call the corrupt media “Lügenpresse” –Lying Press. Hundreds of thousands of blogs, articles, videos, commentaries, whole parties (AfD) now exist that expose and mock the state propaganda press. The lying press would never have thought that one day they would be totally exposed this way.

The establishment press now writes exclusively scheisse, take-no-prisoners lies and deception; entire German villages are libeled as “Nazis” because some citizens attended some “incorrect” demonstration. Yes, the press is “free.” Free to denounce, free to incite hate, free to spread lies, free to mock and belittle the people. “Liberty only for the rulers, the people shall be enslaved.”

In the meantime, journalism can never be neutral again. An explosion in the port of the 6-million metropolis Tianjin? ‘China: Police evacuated Tianjin.’ The Danish toy manufacturer Lego offers supplements in an English newspaper which criticizes the judicial authorities? ‘Lego supports hate campaign‘.

Die Zeit, in cahoots with the US liberal media mafia, has been recklessly campaigning for corrupt Hillary Clinton in the late US election, creating and spreading fake reports, polls, and expert opinions. They have gang-raped fair journalism so hard, you can drive Orwell’s Animal Farm through that hole. The candidate of the people, Donald Trump won the US election. Die Zeit’s reputation – ruined till time calls for its total demise.

Now comes the persecution

And it gets even better. Die Zeit is so mortally wounded in its pride, that is acts up: There is evidently discussion in the left-liberal mass media: the unconditional repression, censorship, denunciation, and punishment of the mass of the population. They should not even be allowed to vote, those low-lives. It is frightening. It is the terror of the leftist media. Be very concerned.

by the East-West Writer

Image source: Animal Farm (1999)

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