German Minister of Interior lied about NSA surveillance

Thomas de Maizière, German Minister of Police and Propaganda [Interior], lied on camera

The German regime tries desperately to delete video footage that shows its regime clique lying into the cameras. It’s pure joy to go through all of them, exposing the Evil that rules this nation.

During his presentation of the ‘Report on Homeland Security’ on June 30, 2015, Thomas de Maizière lied by omission:

“On the topic of espionage and counter-espionage: […] The main actors of espionage targeting Germany are still, as usual, the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, but also the Islamic Republic Iran.”

It’s so dishonest and untrue a statement that it will haunt this idiot Minister for the rest of his life. That’s because the main actors of espionage targeting Germany, which Minister of Interior Thomas de Maizière is very aware of because they are his ‘masters’, are the United States of America: namely the intelligence services CIA and the NSA.

During that summer, in July 2015, Wikileaks released documentation that the NSA, in partnership with UK intelligence services, had long put in place a ‘global surveillance system’. Not even the self-phone of chancellor Angela Merkel was excluded, let alone the German Bundestag. How embarrassing for the German Commander in Charge of Inner Security. On April 14, 2015, De Maizière is on record (via the Green Party) for lying:

“There is still no evidence of alleged economic espionage by the NSA or other US services in other states.”

The United States drains Germany, which it defeated in WW2, and spies on German, French, and European economies and politics, let alone collecting data on EU citizens left, right, and front.

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Lying and bullshitting comes natural to this De Maizière

It’s not the first time that Thomas De Maizière was caught bullshitting. In that same year, on January 8, 2015, the Minister is on record with his now infamous ‘statement’ that the terror attack on French publishing house Charlie Hebdo [for printing a Muhammad satire] had no religious motives:

“Terrorist attacks have nothing to do with Islam.”

In the Minister’s defense, it is partly his job to lie to the gullible public. We recall the world’s most loyal Minister of Interior [Information], Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf of Iraq, who, during the total US invasion of his homeland, dismissed the hype: “Don’t believe them, they are nowhere near Baghdad!”

By lying about NSA surveillance or Islamic terrorism or rampant migrant crimes, Thomas De Maizière wants to protect his legacy and shield the regime from public scrutiny: Order, not panic. Control, not chaos. At least the sheeple feel safe.