German Minister of Justice publishes nation-sized rape fantasy

Repressive regime

We write the year 2017. The West is free. Free speech. Freedom of expression. Politicians who harm the people do not survive the internet. But not all the West. In that totalitarian crap-hole in Berlin where the corrupt lurk, a 155-cm mind-crippled Minister of Justice dreams of a large echo chamber where everyone reads his book and claps.

This Minister, Heiko Maas, is a caricature of a white supremacist cuck. Himself a tragic neologistic figure of Third Reich, the beta-male fantasizes about calling all his fellow men who were so mean to him at school “nazis” and then abuses state power to crack down on them:

“Already early in the morning, first indications are that right-wing radicals want to disturb my speech. An obscure Facebook group announces “creative forms of welcome”. This is nothing new for me. Since December 2014, I have been experiencing anger-filled paroles -since I have called Pegida a disgrace for Germany, and since we have compelled the social networks to quickly remove punishable hate commentaries from the Internet.”

Thought crimes

Heiko Maas (r.) and Joseph Goebbels (l.) have a lot in common.

A Minister of Justice who sells out his nation to foreign interest groups and, when the German mothers and daughters cry for help, is finishing them off with: hate speech laws.

Why is it, that such extreme persons rise to power in Germany? Why always Germany! What is wrong with Germany!

So it all makes sense now. Open borders. Terrorism. Crime rates through the roof. A colluded press. Cover-ups. Prosecutors who don’t prosecute migrant gangs. Police who are told not to arrest migrants. A judiciary that declared war on the Right: speech laws, thought police. Raids on political dissidents. Criminalizing his own population. The man is a monster.

Writes it all down: Book is nation-sized rape fantasy

What goes on in the mind of a tyrant? Well, at least in that respect the Germans are thorough. Adolf Hitler wrote his manifesto and Joseph Goebbels wrote his diaries. And Heiko Maas wrote his book: ‘Standing up instead of going away: A strategy against the Right’ (Piper, May 23, 2017).

The only possible excuse for this miserable text in German state literature is that Maas is mentally handicapped and his advisers hoodwinked him into this: The Minister of Justice is naked for all the world to see:

Shameful Minster of Justice Heiko Maas writes the most insane witch hunt against his own population. Despite the regime press promoting the book launch, the idiot Minister gets a crushing 60x 1-star-reviews, on the first day! Watch this, This Minister is going to censor his bad reviews too soon!

Delusions of a highly paid minister. You have to read it to see what is wrong with our politicians. Rarely seen such an undifferentiated nonsense.

Is this a joke? […] It is precisely this joke figure who tries to undermine our basic right to freedom of expression in the same breath with help of this censorship laws. Mr. Maas, do you know Article 5 Abs 1 of the Basic Law [“Censorship does not take place.”] at all?

Bad minister, bad book, not worth a single penny. It would be good if a Minister of Justice had a realistic view of the real problems and their cause in Germany. And they certainly do not come from the Right!

One star is one star too many! This book reflects the red-red-green ‘educational dictatorship’ for which Maas stands.

The book is great: It shows beyond reservations what sort of man its author is. A politician who has not understood the foundation of democracy. He does not understand that democracy means conflict and not exclusion, defamation, and persecution of other minds. It is beyond me how such a person could enter the office of the Federal Minister of Justice. He would have perfectly fit the Minister of Justice of the GDR. A frightening book that shows how far the antidemocratic Left is prepared to go.