German regime press bans mentioning of ethnicity and nationality

You must not discriminate against migrants. You must not report nationality or ethnicity, especially not of criminals, rapists and terrorists. You must not expose the great white genocide. You must never embarrass the government’s failed immigration policy.

Total censorship

That is in essence what the ‘Presserat’ or the German Press Council reiterated this week, and it already influenced the reporting about the London Islamic terrorist attack. The Muslim hate preacher and jihadist who killed 5 and injured 40 is now referred to in key German media as just that: a “British” or a “man from the English midlands” terrorist. Here’s an example:

German SPIEGEL censorship: “Perpetrator was 52-year old Brit” and “a man from the English midlands” and “Khalid Masood from the English midlands.”

Wait, what did I just say? Didn’t the German Press Council this week reiterated that nationality was off-limit? Not of course if the nationality is ‘British’!  See, the reason why those retarded German chief journalists make up their censorship rules is that they are scared spineless to associate a brown or black person with crime and terror. They would rather have you rape their daughters and wives than being called a Nazi. Some call it white guilt. Others, a mental disease.

Crackdown on white natives

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The German press is now largely in cahoots with an increasingly corrupt, lawless, and genocidal regime that invites terrorism and forced admixture to European lands. It is beyond fake news media and terror media. A colluded press that plots against its own people, to keep them stupid and uninformed about foreign groups preying on them, is the enemy of the people.