German Regime Press: Germany top, USA finished

How propaganda in New Germany works

German regime media resemble that of North Korea. Der SPIEGEL, the worst propaganda press ever invented by man, tells German readers: ‘America goes down’ and, on the same page: ‘German economy grows stronger than expected.’ Readers will get the impression that they live in the best of their days, a socialist paradise really, while America is going to need German food aid or something.

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The reality of course is a kick in the nuts: While the disgusting regime press brags about “unexpected” growth [yeah, yeah, yeah], unexpected super-low inflation [ho-ho-hoh], and an incredible, in foresight-speculated 2 % GDP growth for 2017, the USA is expected to grow by 2.6 to 3.1 %. And since the USA has an economy 4 times the size of Germany, that means even if both country grew at the same percentage rate in 2017, the USA would still expand four times the dollars amount. You folks had better use for Der SPIEGEL as toilet paper!

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Unbelievable lies, omissions, and manipulation of facts

Der SPIEGEL had invested all its government subsidies and authoritarian creativity to influence the 2016 US election campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton, but lost to Donald Trump. So now the shit paper does everything to smear TRUMP America. This could end badly for the Germans, because one day reality might catch up with years of deliberate regime lies, deceit, and misinformation. It did so in East Germany.


North-Korean-style “feel good propaganda” in Germany 2017: Socialism is best! Our polls show: “Rarely before had the 30- to 59-years old such a good life as today.”

BONUS: The German regime, Ministry of Farm Animals and Agriculture, spends gloriously on ads in Der SPIEGEL [oink oink!]:

“We did it: More Animal Welfare.”–German Regime places ads in SPIEGEL ONLINE.