Jewish Commentator Trashes German Regime TV over its smearing Stephen Bannon “a professing antisemite”

Stinky Propaganda: Call everyone a Nazi

German Regime TV ARD is the retarded state propaganda of an increasingly totalitarian regime. It is compulsory in Germany: The GEZ, a state agency, collects a toll fee from every household. You could also say: The Germans are forced to subsidize their own 1984.

So, here comes Henryk M. Broder, a Jewish commentator, who EXPOSES the ARD over its recent hit-piece against Stephen Bannon, the US chief strategist. In the hit-piece, mainly targeting Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon is labelled a “professing antisemite.” ARD knows that Bannon can never defend himself on German regime TV. So whatever German regime TV says, sticks. Stinks.

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Henryk M. Broder has made a name for himself for exposing the media lies all the time, and they can’t call him back a Nazi because he is Jewish, haha. This time, he asked German ARD for factual evidence that Stephen Bannon was indeed a professing Jew-hater.

“The responsible editor is currently ill and we are reviewing the situation.” –ARD

Merkel regime: Propaganda or survival

Henryk M Broder vs Regime TV

As it turns out, the ARD of course has no evidence. Zero. The ARD propagandists googled some leftist slander on Bannon and called it global news. The ARD is FAKE NEWS. Not only is Stephen Bannon NOT an antisemite, he and his president, Donald Trump, are friends and benefactors of the Jewish cause.

Meanwhile, it is in Merkel Germany where Jews have to fear for their safety now, the New York Times reports.

ARD, exposed and humiliated, removed the Bannon hit-piece from its archives. For now. But the regime media is sure to retaliate, and its enemy propaganda will be merciless.

Google “ARD propaganda” – See and believe!
ARD is probably the most hated state-propaganda show in the entire EU. Internet satire aplenty: “We are interrupting our program because we are still wording on our lies.” -ARD, Tagesschau Source: