German RegimeTV To Internet: You Must Not Use Our Material To Mock Us [Shlomo Vs. ARD, #ARDolf]

State TV ‘ARD‘ takes down media critic Shlomo Finkelstein and his ‘Vulgäre Analyse’ (vulgar analysis), the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ of German Youtube 

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—Angela Merkel’s regime is truly desperate. It fears the people so much that it declared non-government approved sources of information, news, and commentary as “hate speech” and/or “fake news.” The people are told to shut up!

In a nationwide crackdown on freedom of speech not seen since you-know-when, the mass media act in concert to spread governmental instructions on whom to hate, exclude, shame, and vilify in public. It’s 1/3 of the Germans informing on the other 2/3. Just like back in former East Germany, where Ms. Merkel was politically groomed.

The latest shame in a long line of shame is ARD —paid by tax payers money (!)— to manually flag web-content by citizens who dared to use TV footage in order to mock, ridicule, and offend regime TV.

In the USA and the UK, using bits and pieces from the mainstream media in social commentary falls under ‘fair use’ regulations and are not illegal.

The ARD offers extremely biased news and infantilizing propaganda , and thus constantly invites public scorn and ridicule.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Germany is an artificial state, a “fake” state if you will, constructed by the allies (outside forces!) after the destruction of the Third Reich. In West Germany, Germans are obliged by law to finance regime TV such as ARD. This system was designed by the occupiers to ensure that no German could escape the re-education program and American globalist agenda, and to make sure the US could install puppet regimes.

But over the time, the puppet regimes (such as Merkel’s) and their media collaborators got arrogant and corrupt, and lost touch with reality, only pushing their own agenda and ensuring their own survival, and talking down to the German people like they were stupid, fucking sheeple, which in a way they are, paying for their own indoctrination.

Hundreds of Youtube channels have since re-uploaded Shlomo’s 80+ videos, defying ARD and the state censors. For now. Hence the hashtag #ARDolf -hinting at the Führer’s name.

by the East-West Writer

Selected videos by Shlomo Finkelstein (strong German language!):

Note: The East-West Writer does not necessarily share the views and opinions expressed in Shlomo’s videos (God Lord Grief, no!), but defends political satire and freedom of speech. It has come to our attention that the Merkel regime will stop at nothing to stifle freedom of speech in Germany, because freedom of speech says: Away with the Merkel regime! Obviously, we can’t have that. Cheers.