German US-licensed Media: Everyone who disagrees with us is a Nazi

Our reckless media play on human instincts of verbal abuse – often without regard to facts and veracity – such as rumor, lies, and defamation. It perpetuates and spins social dread and suspicion, say, by accusing whomever the credulous public is ready to believe could be our next enemy: Fascists, right-wing extremists, anti-Semitists, jihadists, and just bad Germans. What do we accuse the enemy of? Precisely what we do to him: truth-telling, well-poisoning, and terrorism: “He’s offended our feelings!” How to spot an enemy all by yourself? It is him who exists to annoy us, who represses our goodwill, who begs us for pissing on him. We must immediately disgrace this person in public and drag him to the Court of public opinion.

Crazy 'Hit piece'
Typical ‘Hit piece’ in DIE BILD, Germany’s leading tabloid. Headlines read: “For him she ditched her husband – New boyfriend of AfD-Petry wants to have refugees being shot – He babbles about ‘Defending German borders with force of arms'”.

For whatever political calculi, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, believes it is perfectly respectable to stigmatize Islam as a religion of the anti-West, over and over again, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just like the Europeans once deemed the Slavish race as barbaric, the Chinese race as godless, or the Jewish creed as baby-eaters; only that this time our contempt and ill-will is performed in an almost cult-like conviction that “we European journalists must call our enemies what they truly deserve.” These massive journalistic ‘attack of impugnity’, or shall we say the rampant ‘disrespect for all other traditions and life forms’, must indeed be the surest proof that ‘ultimate freedom’ is humanly attainable: “I feel so free today, I could call YOU the plague of Europe!”


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In the Name of Lord Press Freedom

Thor Tukoll is a pen name of Thorsten J. Pattberg, a German writer and cultural critic. He is the author of The East-West Dichotomy,  Shengren, and Inside Peking University.

2015 (c) Thor Tukoll