Germany bans anti-Merkel bestseller: Control Loss

Thorsten Schulte published a bestseller: Control Loss in which he accuses the Merkel regime of crimes against the German people and of building a totalitarian EU censorship state. The regime, in collusion with the propaganda Springer Press, reacted swiftly by taking Schulte’s book–No. 2 in the country’s influential SPIEGEL bestseller-list–off the bookshelves.

A ‘place-holder’ for Germany’s No 2 bestseller reads, mutatis mutandis: “This title will not be traded in our house–Thalia Book chain.”

Not only that, but the book magically disappeared from the bestseller list on some regime-affiliated internet sites and, according to the author, advertisements got pulled or were rescinded. Upon publication, the police questioned Mr. Schulte. The accusation: hate speech.

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The background story is quickly told: Supreme leader Merkel and her censorship minister Heiko Maas had to end freedom of speech in Germany in 2017 because it evidently doesn’t work: the people just shout: Merkel, Maas, away with you crooks!–so allowing the people a platform, let alone the internet as platform, could spell the end to any criminal regime really.

Control Loss – Who is threatening us, and how we defend ourselves. By Thorsten Schulte.

Just weeks after BREXIT and the election of US president Donald Trump, Merkel announced the crackdown on all US social networks who operate in Germany (Google/Youtube, Twitter, Facebook) and declared critics of her regime as the enemies of democracy. Minister Maas already published his plans to eliminate all dissident. You can buy his rape fantasy on Amazon here.

Anyway, the Merkel regime last year identified ‘hateful comments’ and so-called ‘fake news’ as a global menace that threatens to destabilize corrupt and criminal regimes , which Germany is not. So, all the hate and the fake has to stop.

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Previously, another bestseller, Finis Germania by professor Rolf Sieferle, had also been taken off the SPIEGEL bestseller list. Unfortunately, the professor had committed suicide before its publication, so no complicated punishment.

Mr. Schulte, on the other hand, seems to have no plans to quit just yet. He even warns the regime in a video message–here–that he will fight injustice and bring the truth to bear.

Good luck to that.

A totalitarian EU superstate is in the making. And everyone saw it coming.